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About Us

The company Niki Agathocleous Ltd was created by Niki Agathocleous in 1989 in the small mountain village of Agros Cyprus after years of making homemade spoon sweets and marmalades.

It is a tradition in Cyprus for housewives to offer home made spoon sweets to their guests. Wanting to carry on this tradition, with her passion for cooking that was inspired by her mother, Niki began to make spoon sweets and marmalades for friends and relatives.
It was in 1986 that Niki opened her first workshop. In 1989, after much demand, Niki Agathocleous Ltd was officially born. Today it has become one of the biggest companies in Cyprus to produce traditional Cypriot products.
In 1992, the company opened its second workshop, always staying true to the traditional recipes and to high-quality produce by applying all the strict food and health standards.
In 1996, the company introduced new products into the market such as fruit compote, tomato puree, vine leaves and diabetic spoon sweets and marmalades. At this time, the company also brought back a very old recipe for pink rose sweet. This recipe was only known by the people of Agros where it is the only place in Cyprus where this pink rose can be found.
In 2003, after continuous demand for its products, the company built its first big factory including a shop and was certified with the HACCAP health system and later with ISO 22000, which is an international standard that specifies the requirements for a food safety management system.
In 2004, the company made its first export order to Australia. Today the company exports its products to more than 6 countries including England, Australia, USA, France, Japan, and Egypt.
In 2005, the company started producing one of the most well-known Cypriot products, Soutzioukos, and it quickly became one of the most loved products of the company. New products were also introduced into the market such as Carob Syrup, Grape Syrup, Kiofteria (sun-dried grape mixture) and Sun-dried figs.
Today the company has more than 60 products and has become one of the most well-known companies in Cyprus not only for its spoon sweets and marmalades but for all its traditional Cypriot produce.
By always staying true to top quality produce and following the strict standards for food safety, Niki Agathocleous Ltd presents to you its traditional Cypriot products.
We invite you to come visit our shop and factory in Agros so you can experience the traditional Cypriot way of producing spoon sweets, marmalades, Soutzioukos and many more.