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Jar 135g
For those special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms etc, our spoon sweets make the perfect gift to your guests.

In the traditional Cypriot wedding the newly married couple used to serve their guests a traditional spoon sweet. Niki Sweets is trying to keep this tradition alive by creating small jars of spoon sweet that is the perfect gift to your guests at your wedding or special occasion.

We can fill and decorate a small jar (7cm x 6.5cm) with any marmalade of your choice or a spoon sweet of the following selection:

- Cherry (Black, Sour & normal)
- Baby Carrot
- Almond paste
- Quince
- Pumpkin
- Cumquat
- Grape
- Pumpkin
- Walnut
- Honey

We gift wrap according to your individual needs.

For more information and to place an order please contact us.
Item # Bar-code / Description Net weight (g): PHOTO
1 7cm x 6.5cm 135
2 7cm x 6.5cm 135
3 7cm x 6.5cm 135
4 7cm x 6.5cm 135
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